Beloit Solidarity: Mission Statement

We are here to raise awareness, build community, and encourage dialogue about the ongoing struggles and peaceful demonstrations both locally and globally, to fight for basic rights.  We stand in solidarity with those taking collective action to better their working
conditions on their own terms, including the rights of Wisconsin public employees and the rights of every citizen to peaceably and directly engage their government.

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2 Responses to Beloit Solidarity: Mission Statement

  1. Joe says:

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in participating in this committee. Over the past few days I’ve been inspired to see Beloit College students responding to the surge of resistance to the bill that has swept Madison and the state. The bold actions of the teachers, workers, and other protesters have prompted me and I’m sure many of you to consider the best ways for us to get involved and what forms our activity should take to most effectively bolster the struggle. I’ve come to the conclusion that we should do everything in our power to support the call for a general strike and spread this idea to as many people as we can.

    Already there are many voices across the state calling for a general strike. The South Central Federation of Labor, a union federation with 45,000 members, has come out in support of the general strike. While the occupation of the Science center atrium is important, we need to think about how to broaden the movement and take more direct action against Walker and his cronies. According to many people who have been to Madison and internet reports, there are already people calling for a general strike and distributing leaflets and fliers advocating for it. Let’s get involved in this activity and add our voices to those calling for a general strike!

    The General Strike Planning Committee would be a group of people who get together regularly and plan the best ways to get the general strike going and how to support it. We need to get together and think about the most effective tactics and strategies. A lot of this will be getting the word out about the general strike and communicating with people about why they should support it/get involved. We will need to write leaflets, design fliers and stickers, and come up with other strategies for connecting people.

    If you are interested in participating in this committee, come to the science center atrium at 7 PM tomorrow (March 2nd). We will move to a smaller, quieter space after everyone shows up so we can have a chance to really get down to brass tacks and plan effectively. Come with your ideas and passion! We need slogans, pamphlets, fliers, arguments, songs, plans of action — anything that can help convince people a general strike is a good idea or helps support it in concrete terms. The general strike is an immensely powerful tool which has accomplished a lot, including the right to an 8-hour day we enjoy today! Let’s use it to defeat Walker and his big business, anti-worker agenda!


    Joe Stubbs

  2. Gail Daneker says:

    Wonderful mission statement. Thanks for all you are doing!!!! Carry it on!!!

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