NPR Interview with Wis Democrat Senators Larson and Miller

“…Senator LARSON: The fact is we’ve only been gone for two weeks. You know, we’re standing strong.

CORLEY: And apparently heartened by demonstrations that are now going into their third week.”

WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW: Call Tim Cullen! The senators need encouragement to carry on with the walk out. Talk to one of his representatives or leave a message.

Office # of Tim Cullen: 608-266-2253

Hello my name is ____________.   As one of your constituents, I have become increasingly concerned with the direction of our state.  Scott Walker’s budget repair bill which is now being considered by the Wisconsin State Legislature would strip our public employees of their rights to negotiate pension and health benefits.  This bill is a threat to the public workers of Wisconsin.  Thank you for continuing to stand with your fellow Democrats and refusing to return to the state until Governor Walker and the Senate Republicans agree to negotiate the terms of the bill.  Our public employees, including teachers, health care professionals and social workers deserve our support, especially in this time of great need for many Wisconsinites.

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